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At the heartbeat of industrial operations lies the crucial role of a millwright, the unsung hero ensuring that the intricate machinery of various industries functions seamlessly. At U.S. Contractors Inc, our millwright services are just what you need for optimal industrial performance.

Industrial mechanic work

Millwrights are not your average mechanics; they're experts in the industrial realm. From patching up conveyors and hydraulic compressors to handling the fine details of intricate machinery, our millwrights are geared up to take on any repair challenge. Whether it's breathing new life into motors or installing gears, our professionals are the unsung heroes keeping your machinery dependable and always ready to roll.

Gear fabrication and installation

Gears are crucial in industrial machinery, and our millwrights excel in installing them with precision. This dedication guarantees that your machinery operates at optimal levels, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Motor pump laser alignment

For industrial equipment, pumps play a vital role, be it chemical pumps, fuel pumps, resin, or water pumps. Our millwrights know the proper techniques for efficient motor pump laser alignment, a technique that goes beyond simple alignment. By aligning pumps with precision, our millwrights ensure that motors don't overwork themselves, leading to enhanced efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and prolonged equipment lifespan. Whether it's aligning chemical pumps in a manufacturing facility or tuning up water pumps in an industrial setting, we can help.

Industrial welding and custom fabrications

Our millwrights have the knowledge and tools necessary to weld on the spot. Metal fabrication and welding is a vital service for machinery and equipment used in business operations, and this invaluable service plays a vital role in maintaining and repairing machinery at a moment’s notice.

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